Denny's Story

Denny's company sold glass to consumers. Business was OK after Denny bought the company, but his marketing was not bringing in the leads he expected for the money he was spending. Denny asked Ed what he should do to bring in more business.Ed explained that since Denny was in a commodity business he had to stand out from the crowd and find that difference that made customers pass the doors of his competition to do business with him.

Get And Track Leads

Ed suggested two things. First, stop spending so much money on yellow pages without knowing that it is producing leads. Ed showed Denny how to negotiate a 50% discount on his yellow pages ads and get tracking of every single call. When Denny did that he saved $24,000 in the first year and knew exactly how many leads his ads were delivering.

Develop Your Business

Next, Ed said that since Denny had been Sales Manager before he bought the company, why not speak to groups to bring in business? Denny worked with Ed to define his audience and how to construct and deliver that "killer speech". Fear of speaking was not Denny's problem, but focus on delivering good valuable and entertaining content needed a lot of work. When that work was done, Denny was delivering several speeches a month, building his mailing list and bringing in new customers all the time.

Speak To Grow 

Ed showed Denny how to reach out to groups that regularly used speakers and how to perfect his delivery. He even developed a speech for younger future customers. Of course with a "take home" to show Mom and Dad. Growing your customer base does take work. Denny was focused and willing to learn,. His success story is just one pathway to speak your way to success.